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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Upgraded Landing Gear Replacement

1-First step, decide on placement for landing gear on the airplane.  Take in mind the CG when deciding this.  Cut a very thin piece of ply and glue on top of balsa to reinforce the wood from breaking.
2-Drill a small hole as the picture shows.  This hole should be just big enough so the wire and be pushed through.
 3-After deciding on the gauge of wire that would be suite the weight of the airplane bend one piece as shown in the picture below.  You will need to bend the tip of the wire and drill an additional hold for the wire to hold in place.

4-Repeat the process from the other side of the fuse.  Be sure that the wire overlaps the other wire so they are snug together.  Small clamps can be used to hold the wires in place. 

5-Take some very small bare wire and wrap the joints.  Wrap approx 5-10 times.  Be sure the wire is tight and the landing gear wire stays snug against the side of the fuse

6-Use flux/solder to solder the joints of wrap wire.  Then clip the excess wrap wire.
7-Use thread and needle to sew the side landing gear wire to the fuse.  3-4 wraps is all you need.  This holds the landing gear wire in place.

8-Last step.  Bend the landing gear to fit your wheels.  Use aluminum tubing through the hub of the wheel to help eliminate the wheel from riding up the landing gear wire.  Use locking collar to hold wheel to landing gear.

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