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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Installing cable system for ailerons

In a previous write up I showed you how to cut out and build your ailerons.  There are several ways to set up your ailerons and “power” them.  One of the more common ways is to use piano wire where each wing will have its own dedicated servo.  This way works great but requires more work and doesn't seem to work as well. 
 In this write up we will be using a Push Cable made by Sullivan.  This size is .032 w/Gold-N-Clevis 36”
*Please realize that if you choose this method you will not have flap-working ailerons.

This method works very well and the ailerons move very smooth and are easy to adjust.  I highly recommend this method. 

After ailerons are cut out and built you will need to decide on the placement of the cable.  Make sure you are not making sharp bends in the cable as you need the cable to flow smoothly in the cable tubing.  See picture below on my placement. 

You will need to decide on the servo placement so it doesn't interfere with the other components in the fuselage.  The cable should be placed straight through the ribs.  Using a little drill bit you can drill these holes through the ribs by rolling the drill bit with your fingers.  Once the cable is in place use medium CA (NOT thin) to glue the cable in place.  You will have to cut the tubing to allow the E-Z connect that mounts to servo wheel.

Mount a small balsa plate that the end of the wire can mount to.  Trim off excess tubing as shown below.  Be sure not to glue the cable to the tubing.  Use small amount of CA.  Use Caution!!

The last step is to mount the control arm to the aileron.  Then I use DuBro E-Z connector and mount the connector in the arm.  Then the wire routes through the E-Z connector for easy adjustment.

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