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Monday, December 24, 2012

Basic Soldering Techniques

I have helped so many people solder in my years of RC so I thought I would make a write up on how to solder wires onto a Deans type connector. This seems to be the most common type of connector. These techniques can be used on any type of soldering job. I encourage anyone that is in the hobby to learn how to solder. Soldering is needed a lot and being proficient at it will only help the hobby be more enjoyable First, gather all the parts you need. Have your iron heated up fully before starting.

I will be using strippers, tablevice, and solder.

First, strip your wires so there is about a 1/8 inch of bare wire.  Apply solder to the bare wire so the solder seeps into the wire as shown.

Then add solder to the prong/plug.  This is where people make the mistake.  They try to solder onto a prog without having solder molded onto each piece.  Make sure it latches onto it and not just sitting on like a bubble.  If it’s bubbling then your iron may not be hot enough.

After solder is added to each point then go ahead and apply heat with the iron and wait to the “Bonding” of the solder occurs.  This is where people often don’t let the solder adhere to each item enough.  You will see the solder mold into one piece instantly once enough heat is added.

After this then use the shrink tube that came with the plugs and shrink over the wire.  Note, make sure you put the shrink on wire before soldering or you will have to remove your solder job to put it on.

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