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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cleaning Sealed Ball Bearings

In this write up I will provide instructions how to thoroughly clean and revive those old dirty sealed bearings. 

First, remove the bearing from vehicle and wipe down with damp towel.

After the bearing has been cleaned and all outside dirt has been removed, carefully use a hobby knife with a sharp point to pop out the rubber seal. 

Do this same thing to both sides of the bearing.

Next, using electric motor spray, spray out the bearings completely.  This will clean out the old oil and dirt.

After you have sprayed the bearing, apply a very small amount of oil and work into the bearing on top of a pen or pencil.

Lastly, using the same hobby knife, carefully insert the rubber seals back into both sides of the bearings.  Be sure to clean the seals before re-installing them. 

Now your bearings are like new!


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