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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Taping an RC Body for Reinforcement or Repair

Anyone that has had a RC car or truck has experienced the frustration of tearing your RC body from multiple wrecks.  After a while the body mount holes tear and then the body becomes garbage.

In this write up I will provide steps on how to extend the life of you RC body by reinforcing the body mount holes.  I highly recommend doing this when the body is new.  However, this method can be used to repair as well.

You will need:
-RC body
-Shoe Goo (don’t buy generic, buy authentic Shoe Goo…not Shoe Goop.  There is a difference)
-Fiber mesh tape used for drywall

-Rubbing alcohol

First step is to clean the underside of the body with rubbing alcohol very thoroughly. 

Next, decide where you want to reinforce.  Every car/truck body designs tear different places.  Most common is to reinforce the body mount holes.  Once you decide, cut strips of tape and securely stick pieced of fiber mesh tape.  I would use two strips on mounting holes.  No more than two or it gets hard to put in pins.  I use small scissors to cut the tape.

Once the tape has been applied everywhere under the body that you want to reinforce its time to apply the Shoe Goo.
This can be a non-messy job if you do it right.  First rule:  Use one finger to apply glue.  Keep one hand clean to hold the body.  Using the one finger, smear glue on the tape.  DON’T apply too much!!  This is a common problem.  If the tape starts moving around on you that means you are applying too much or you’re working the glue too much.  As soon as the glue seeps in small square holes in tape that’s enough.  Be sure to cover the outer edges of tape where tape can lift off.

Let glue dry for at least one hour.  Then cut holes out with drill bit and you are done!
This will help preserve your RC body tremendously.  Save you a lot of money.
I added body clip holders that can be purchased at your shop.  After installing the bungee clip holder apply a small amount of Shoe Goo to the underside to secure the bungee.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cleaning Sealed Ball Bearings

In this write up I will provide instructions how to thoroughly clean and revive those old dirty sealed bearings. 

First, remove the bearing from vehicle and wipe down with damp towel.

After the bearing has been cleaned and all outside dirt has been removed, carefully use a hobby knife with a sharp point to pop out the rubber seal. 

Do this same thing to both sides of the bearing.

Next, using electric motor spray, spray out the bearings completely.  This will clean out the old oil and dirt.

After you have sprayed the bearing, apply a very small amount of oil and work into the bearing on top of a pen or pencil.

Lastly, using the same hobby knife, carefully insert the rubber seals back into both sides of the bearings.  Be sure to clean the seals before re-installing them. 

Now your bearings are like new!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Team Associated Diff kit rebuild

In this write up I will be providing walk through step-by-step instructions on how to assemble or rebuild your Team Associated diff.  Below is the actual kit and also the rebuild kit.
 In my write up I will be will be rebuilding a diff but the assembly of a fresh new diff is the same. 

You will need the following items.  The electric motor spray is only needed to clean parts if you plan on rebuilding a used diff.  The two types of greases will be needed to build the diff.

First, remove the diff from the car and disassemble the kit using an Allen wrench from one side of the diff.

Clean all used parts with the motor spray.  After spraying the parts be sure to wipe clean with paper towel.  I found it easier to spray the towel first before cleaning the balls.  Roll the balls with your finger on the wet paper towel.  Careful, they are easy to lose.  There are two different sizes so beware not to mix them up.

Now it’s time to assemble the diff.
Apply a small bead of clear grease to inside of both outdrives as show below.

After you have applied the grease install one steel plate on each end.  Note: Be sure to line up notch correctly on each plate as shown.

Next, install a small amount of clear grease in each hole of the main gear and install one ball in each hole.  Tip: It makes the job easier to add small amount of grease to the end of a toothpick to pick up each ball and input into hole.

 Then add small amount of clear grease to top and bottom of gear.

Set main gear on shorter outdrive and shown below.  The applied clear grease should stick the gear to the outdrive.  Once you confirm you have the gear on the correct drive place the longer outdrive on top as shown.

The last part of the assembly is to assembler the thrust balls.  There are 7 of these.  Be sure to use the black grease at this time.
Assemble the screw as in the picture below.

Using a bench vise or other tools may help in this next step.  Apply small amount of black grease all the way around top washer as shown.

Using a toothpick again place each of the seven thrust balls around the washer as shown. Once all seven balls have been set correctly place the last small washer on top.

Last step is using the Allen wrench, carefully insert assembled screw into long end of outdrive as shown.

Use something flat to hold other end while you tighten down the diff.  Once the screw is tight stop tightening and back out about a half of a turn.  DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN.

 Use the illustration below to guide how tight to have your diff. 


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