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Monday, December 24, 2012

Cleaning and reviving Traxxas drive Half & spine shafts part #1951

In this write up I will be providing instruction on how to clean and revive those dirty stiff axle sliders in Traxxas vehicles.  Over time dirt and mud gets caught in the slider and the axle will not work properly.  Instead of replacing these items I will show you how to clean them.

First, remove the wheel from vehicle.

Remove pin and washer from sub axle.

Next, remove bolt that hold the camber link.

Drop the axle down and remove the stub axle.

Now that they are separated, using a sharp point hobby knife scrap the inside tracks.  This will remove the hardened mud and build up.  Do this for all the tracks.  Periodically through this cleaning I will slide the axle up and down and it helps remove the buildup. 

Use Rubbing alcohol and water if needs be to clean the parts thoroughly.  Also, I have found that a little sand papering will help as well for those hard build up areas.

After you have cleaned them were the slide very easy then apply a very small amount of oil and wipe the area clean.  The parts should not be oily just enough oil to clean the surfaces.  Too much oil will attract dirt.  The axle should be loose enough to where it will not hold on by itself if the vehicle was tipped. 
Re-assemble in reverse order.  

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